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La-Di Da-Di

Why do you go out to clubs? What exactly is it that makes you want to
get dressed up and go out on the weekends (or whatever weekday you
feel like getting out the house)?

A conversation that I had today made me start asking that question
again, because I have no idea how most people would answer it.

days I can’t come up with a good answer myself, which is a big part of
the reason why I don’t really go to stuff like that very often. The
few times I do, it usually has something to do with my friends. Either
they’re in town visiting and want to go out, or I’m in town and it’s
the only way I can see all of them. Other than that, I struggle to see
the point, and I honestly want to know why people do it, because at
times it almost seems like it means that there’s something wrong with
me that I’m 28 and rarely have any desire to go kick it at a