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Back to Black

Ok, so I have definitely been slacking in the posting department for quite some time now, but with the new year upon us and 28 years behind me, I’m trying to refocus and do some of the things I keep paying lip service to but never quite end up finishing. So expect my number of overall posts to increase this year.

You can also expect them to start addressing some of my interests a little more. Yes, that does mean I’m going to start talking about technology more. But it wouldn’t be me doing it if I didn’t try to make things a little more unnecessarily complicated. SO, if you don’t feel like hearing all that technology stuff, then go ahead and continue checking the blog on myspace. That’ll keep just having all my random thoughts whenever I manage to get them to coalesce into coherent sentences. If you want to get everything — random thoughts and other, more business/technology oriented thoughts — then you need to check out If you happen to be one of those odd people that only want to hear the technology stuff, then you need look no further than, because that will have all you need.

There you have it. Hopefully all of you will only go to so that you can see (and comment) on all of it. But at the very least there should be something for everyone. Hope I see a comment from you soon.

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