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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself . . . . .

I read a lot of blogs. I would say it’s probably too many, but I’d be lying. It’s definitely too many. Far too many. It’s basically just voyeurism. It’s amazing because there is basically a blog about damn near any topic you are interested in. Some of them are people that just talk about their lives, which is cool to me, just seeing how other people live and what they think about the things they go through regularly — a different perspective is enlightening sometimes. Some of them are there for when i need a laugh, sports info, a lot are about technology, whatever (in case you’re wondering, this’ll probably be all of the above). I skim and read the interesting posts and waste entirely too much of my time doing so.

I’m also terrible at keeping in touch with people (not you, of course, just everyone else). Atrocious would actually be a better word for it. Sad really, because as much as I don’t like people in general, there are still a lot of people I do like. There are plenty of people I would want to keep in touch with, but I hate hate hate hate hate talking on the phone (unless it’s you. If I’m talking to you, then I love talking on the phone). I basically have an unofficial 20 min. phone limit (for everyone else). After that it better be a helluva interesting conversation, ‘cause between the hot phone making my cheek sweat (not pleasant, plus the screen gets greasy), my neck getting a cramp from being cocked to the side, and me thinking how many other things I can’t do because I have to concentrate on the phone call, I sort of tune out a little. Only a little, but when you’re talking on the phone even a little bit is probably noticeable. And that’s what I do when I talk to my friends and family that I love to death. I would really much rather be talking to someone in person, because these telephone convos tend to be just a catch up on any big things that have gone on in the past week to month. You don’t really want to start talking about how two family members and your favorite pet fish just died and you’re filing for bankruptcy tomorrow. Or at least I don’t, but maybe I’m weird like that. So I wait until I see people to really catch up, and if I don’t see ‘em, I don’t really get to catch up. Unless of course they’re on IM (gmail or AIM). If they’re on IM and actually have time to talk every now and then, I’m golden, because who knows, between all the idle chatter a conversation might actually break out. Even text messages are enough, because it’s not like you have to sum everything up in one conversation. Myspace and facebook fill in some of the holes too, I try and check out the bulletins every once in a while.

But in a perfect world, the thing I really wish would happen is for everybody I know to just start their own blog. I fully admit that I’m saying this for completely selfish reasons, but I can do that, because it’s my blog. Don’t you want that freedom? (hint, hint) It wouldn’t even matter too much what the blog is about. Of course personal insights and all that would be great, but I wouldn’t care, it could even be your joke of the day, stolen from another website (thief). So long as I could read it, see what other people wrote, and maybe leave a comment if the feeling strikes me, I’m cool. The connection is what’s really important. I like connecting with people, and detest situations where I’m talking/communicating with someone but won’t get that connection. That’s why I only tolerate networking events. I don’t get much of a connection with a quick conversation — that ol’ hi, what’s your name, where did you go to school, what do you do for a living kind of chit-chat. Some people can do that, but I can’t. I try to attend with other people that can. Phone calls are the same way, and I wouldn’t have time to talk on the phone with all the people I want to keep in touch with anyway. The way I see it, making everyone I know blog would be the ultimate solution to my problem.

But since you probably won’t blog, I’ll just start blogging and hope you leave a comment every once in a while. It’s still a connection, ya know?